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Visiting the Zinc8 Energy Storage Development and Production Facility

Visiting the Zinc8 Energy Storage Development and Production Facility

Rockstone Research
February 10, 2020

Following the latest press-releases and positive media coverage on the Collaboration Agreement between Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to deploy a 100kW/1MWh energy storage system in New York State, I was very eager to visit the company‘s facility in Vancouver and to speak to the people behind this up-and-coming battery manufacturer.

I was quite impressed by the size of the well-equipped 2-storey facility and the confidence-radiating energy of the 20 people working there to make it happen now, first and foremost thanks to the NYPA committing a total of $2.55 million USD to support the development, fabrication and installation of an energy storage system at commercial scale.

In combination with today‘s closing of a non-brokered $3 million CAD private placement financing, the company appears now, more than ever, in a strong position to advance towards commercialization as fast as possible.

With utility- and grid-scale energy storage said to be a big trend of this decade, I believe Zinc8 could be right on track to enter the market with a highly sought-after product and well-connected management team to become a leading battery manufacturer.

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