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On The Cusp Of An Industrial Size Breakout In The Battery Storage Market

On The Cusp Of An Industrial Size Breakout In The Battery Storage Market

June 14, 2020

In the global shift from fossil fuels to electric power and mass adoption of electric vehicles, power utilities will have to not only generate more power, but they’ll also need significantly larger transmission lines to carry it all. Witness the success of NIKOLA (NASDAQ:NKLA) motors, which makes battery-electric and hydrogen energy trucks, after its reverse takeover. After launching on June 4th its stock at one point exceeded that of Ford’s at US $29.9 billion—now that is confirmation of a sea-change—and something is going to need to charge of those vehicles and that of the growing number Tesla’s, Toyota Priuses, Chevy Volts, Nisson Leafs and the list goes on and on.

https://www.nypa.gov/news/press-releases/2020/20200117-zinc. The company’s Zinc-Air Energy Storage System was selected through a competitive process to develop a demonstration project for back-up power for a municipal building or a building on a college campus.

As put plainly in a March 6th Bloomberg story: “Less than four months after Governor Andrew Cuomo vowed to produce 100% of New York’s electricity from clean sources by 2040, the state power authority launched an innovation challenge involving 60 companies in a quest to reach that goal. The winner: A Canada-based startup whose pitch can be wrapped up in two words: ‘Think zinc.’

After 13 years in development and more than $80 million dollars investment in its technology, Zinc8 Zinc-Air batteries are opening up a brand-new market and that is the utility-scale, low-cost long duration energy storage market. One of the key economic advantages to the Zinc8 Energy Storage system, is the abundantly available low-cost zinc. Cost-wise it crushes rivals cobalt, vanadium and lithium technologies, and that is what developers and utilities want to hear.

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