Remote Microgrids

Remote communities and off-grid work sites are often faced with the challenges of transporting fuel for diesel generators.  Access to these locations is often limited and the costs associated with the transport of fuel are high.

Pairing Zinc8’s regenerative energy storage system with solar or wind power is the solution.  Microgrids can be powered long-term and diesel generators at remote worksites can be replaced with our environmentally sustainable system.

Developing Countries:

Developing countries comprise approximately 80% of the world’s population, but consume only 30% of global commercially traded energy supplies, making them the top prospective market for remote microgrids. As energy consumption rises with increases in population and living standards, awareness is growing about the environmental costs of energy and the need to expand access to cleaner energy.

This market segment requires a long duration energy storage (LDES) to have high reliability and scalability and to be low-cost, environmental friendly, and exceptionally safe.  The Zinc8 energy storage system meets all of these requirements.

Technological Advantages


Zero capacity fade over extensive lifetime.


Full discharge cycles. Same performance.


Non-flammable and non-toxic.

Low Cost

Longer duration requirements, lower cost per kWh.


Energy capacity easily extended by adding larger fuel tank.


Stable supply chains for mass manufacturing.

Remote Microgrids + Zinc8