Utility-scale storage is defined as energy storage for the purposes of improving or optimizing the electrical grid.  Typical applications for LDES are peak shaving and load leveling, which offer economic benefits to both the consumer and the utility.  Peak shaving is used to avoid the installation of utility capacity by supplying the peaks of a highly variable load via the energy storage.  Load leveling is used to store power during periods of light loading and to deliver it during periods of higher demand.   These applications enable the utility to reduce the operating cost and to delay the infrastructure expansion for capacity, while the consumer benefits from savings on the electricity bill by lowering peak demand. 

This market segment typically requires long-duration energy storage (LDES) to have high reliability and high flexibility in operation. Zinc8's long duration energy storage system is ideal for utility-scale applications.

Technological Advantages


Zero capacity fade over extensive lifetime.


Full discharge cycles. Same performance.


Non-flammable and non-toxic.

Low Cost

Longer duration requirements, lower cost per kWh.


Energy capacity easily extended by adding larger fuel tank.


Stable supply chains for mass manufacturing.