Current Progress

About Us

Headquarters (Vancouver)

In 2019, the company became Zinc8 Energy solutions. Find out more of our history on our FAQ.

Product Development and Engineering (Richmond)

Our demo/test energy storage systems will be built by the Product Development and Engineering teams located in the Richmond facility. It is Zinc8’s second facility. The 14400 square foot facility, opened in 2021, was needed to build the demonstration long duration energy storage systems.

USA Manufacturing/Assembly Plant (TBD)

In current negotiations to lease the facilities, it is projected that late 2024 or early 2025, the US facility will house and assemble the long duration energy storage systems. It is expected that 500 potential green jobs will be created. For more information, please visit our news releases about the US Manufacturing/Assembly.

iPark 87, New York

Interested in iPark 87, a potential venue to house our Manufacturing/Assembly facility in the State of New York?

Redefining Long Duration Energy Storage