How It Works

How It Works

Discharging (When power is needed)

Zinc particles are pumped from the storage tank into the power stack, where zinc will be consumed. The electrochemical reactions between Zinc and oxygen releases electrons, which is electricity. Unconsumed zinc is circulated back into the storage tank.


To charge the system, electrolyte is pumped from the storage tank into the regenerators where Zinc particles are electrochemically deposited at the electrode through an electrolysis reaction, releasing oxygen as a by-product.

Using proprietary methods, newly deposited zinc particles are removed and transported into the storage tank.

Our system is a closed loop system.

The system also uses commonly available materials which are also safe, so no thermal runway. Zinc is plentiful and readily available.

Our system has decoupled power and energy which allows for flexibility to build your system to meet electrical demand. The size of the tanks, power stacks, and regenerators define how much power can be stored.

Redefining Long Duration Energy Storage